Classic Fighters 2013 Classic Fighters 2013 Field Rabbit Stew Our mascot, Field Rabbit Stew enjoying the sounds from the period radio at Classic Fighters. 177024131 Semi Modern 177024132 RNZAF Display Great RNZAF Display from Robbie as part of The Garrison team for Classic Fighters. 177024133 Relaxing New member Eden enjoying her first Airshow as part of The Garrison 177024750 Popski Thanks to our amazing team we had our very own jeep for the first time this year. 177065082 Sun, Dust and Camping Just part of our display. We were joined by friends from all over the country who brought various toys to show the crowd. 177069436 Display's a hit Members of the public were impressed with the diversity of our Unit. All three major services were on show and a few civilian items in the mix as well. 177069538 177070220 Imperial Japan The crowd this year were treated with two Geisha, a 'captured' american jeep and Japanese Officer from The Garrison ranks. 177070909 Geisha Our beautiful Geisha Dayna and Eden were very much in demand for photo's from the public. 177071798 Jeeps En Masse 10 Jeeps were present and we managed to wrangle 9 together (and keep the public back) long enough to get this great photo. 177071981 Canvas Everywhere More display pieces. The Garrison mortar platoon trailer, Honda XL 250 in amongst two bell tents and an Army Pioneers two person chainsaw. 177072404 Enjoying the show Clark, John and Annabel enjoying the show in front of their Bell Tent. These wonderful people brought a ute and jeep full of gear from Canterbury to be with us for the show. 177114540 Tired? YUP! Our Adj. Dayna and Unit Commander Adam stopped long enough for a quick photo. 177114541 Porcelain Doll 177117864 Boats at an Airshow? Yes we even got the Tender out on dry land for the weekend. It was only fair. Navy had a Sea Sprite so they had to be represented by The Garrison as well. 177117887 Attention Grabber This is the second Classic Fighters for the 1917 Indian Power Plus. Works well for WWI, WWII Home Guard or even the Civil Defence runabout. 177117888 Radio Comms A fine setup of WWII period radio equipment. Next time it will be fuly operational. 177117889 An Old Favourite Another show for the Indian 177117890 Mixed Messages Our very own spy.. A german dressed as an Allied Air Gunner. 177118570 NZ Fighter Wing HQ Our Pilot Robbie takes in the sights and sounds of the show. 177232311 Base Camp 177232312 "Smoke On" Great photo from Martin. 177234241 Spike As always, no show is complete without Spike. 177234242