REME Equipment REME Equipment Manual Labour This pick has been a much despised member of the fmily for years. It has been the cause of many blisters and jarred wrists. It was looking rather sad recently so it was given a bit of a clean up. Check out the next two pics to see just what was turned up. 157668383 Manual Labour Made in Birmingham, England 157668384 WOW Whilst the stripper disk was removing the last few years of crud this little mark was noticed.... Broadarrow... No more blisters from this piece if history. 157668385 Safety A common sight round the REME workshop. 3 Tonne ex-army axle stands. 157668386 Hand Tools The ever faithful tradesmans tools. Hammer, chisel, rasp and saw. 157668387 New Home An old ammo tin makes for the perfect REME tool box. 163410261 Tools. Vehicle tool wrap and other related tools. 163410262 Yes they are original Indian Motorcycle Tools just for the bikes. 163410263 Another Layer Slide Wrenches, dusting brush and vehicle tool wrap. 163410264 War Department Issue Broadarrow marked slide wrench. 163410265