NZ Army Mortar Trailer NZ32024 (Ret.) NZ Army Mortar Trailer NZ32024 (Ret.) Mortar Trailer The inside, after years of work it will soon be fully repainted and used as both a display piece and transport trailer. 154205273 Mortar Trailer Heavy construction steps for military use. The very faded paint shows its age after 20 years in the sun and elements. 154205274 Mortar Trailer Back steps and rear stability legs are all part of the trailer. 154205275 Mortar Trailer Almost ready for the canvas to be waterproofed. 154205276 Mortar Trailer Complete with towing hitch 154205277 Mortar Trailer Hosed down and ready to be deconstructed for re-paint. These trailers are relatively heavy but tow very nicely. 154205278 Repaint Deck painted and looks much better than the faded colour it was. 155640726 Repaint Looks a lot better than before. 155640727 Repaint 155640728 Hubs Awaiting the newly painted rims. 155640729 Reassembly All painted and going back together. 155641477 Safety First D Shackles finished in Safety Yellow. 155640731 Mortar Trailer NZ32024 During deconstruction we found the NZ Army Number left behind the spare wheel carrier. New vinyl was ordered and placed on the trailer. 155774056 Mortar Trailer NZ32024 The trailer has its identity back. Just awaiting a new canvas for the front and Garrison TAC signs to come from the signwriter. Number plate lamp and convoy lamp and plate were all totally refurbished and painted before re-fitting on the trailer. 155774057 Front Canvas Replaced The front canvas was replaced by a local upholstery business. 156185744 The Garrison TAC Sign The trailer is now officially part of The Garrison with its new TAC Sign. 156185745