Kit and Personal Equipment Kit and Personal Equipment Leather Suitcase 153776930 Personal Items Some of the comforts of home.. Gloves, postcards and books. 153776931 Personal Items 153776932 Personal Items 153776933 Personal Items 153776934 Personal Items 153776935 Personal Items 153776936 NZ Defence Challenge Coins 153776937 Military Currency 153776938 Small Items 153776939 Army and Navy Matches 153776940 Small Items 153776941 Small Items 153776942 Personal Equipment DIxie's, Mug and Plate. Shaving gear and the ever important bottle opener. 153787356 Personal Equipment 153787357 Wound Dressing 153787358 First Field Dressing 153787359 Desert Goggles An original pair of issue goggles and their issue tin. These goggles were used by the famous LRDG amongst other units. 153787360 Soap.... Yes it is a bar of soap.. still intact, unused and it lasted all this time. As issued to British troops duing WWII. 153787361 NZ Defence Service Medal One of our ex-regular force member's new New Zealand Defence Service Medal. 153543793 Desert Goggles Yet another pair of designer shades. Used by many units including the LRDG and possibly SAS. 153787363 Desert Goggles The strap has lost it's elasticity but the fluffy surrounding is still as good now as it was when issued. 153787364 A collection of insignia 153787365 Royal Flying Corps Brevet As worn by the Allied Pilots during WWI. Those Magnificent Men in Their FLying Machines 153787366 Real Navy Rum Unopened and as issued to Ships Personnel during special operations. 153947799 Compass These compasses were used in a multitude of areas. From Aircraft, naval vessels to the amazing jeeps and trucks of the LRDG and SAS. 153947800 Compass 153947801 Parachute Equipment This is a British Parachute Inner Pack similar to the WWII Paras kit. 153947802 Military Tools Marked military tools are becoming very collectable. To have a vehicle is great, but to have a full kit of period, marked tools with your vehicle shows the real enthusiast. 153947803 Military Tools Broadarrow marked military wrench. 153947804 Military Tools Smaller versions of the wrench. 153947805 Medics Canteen 153947808 Medics Canteen 153947809 Display Pieces 154219096 Original Map of West Midlands 154219097 Brass Parts 154219098 The Hotchkiss Gun Competition Trophy One members Great Grandfather's NZ Army Hotchkiss Gun Competition Trophy. 154219099 The Blue Max Movie Seen the movie? Remember the Pfalz that actor George Peppard actually flew in the movie?.... YES! This is a Maltese Cross fabric section from the lower underside wing of the actual aircraft.. 154219100 Chocolate Chippie The famous chocolate chippie camo from the USA. 154219101 ZC1 Mkii A ZC1 Radio set with original Dispatch Riders (Military Police) Helmet and a Soviet Mig Pilots Oxygen Mask. 154219102 Ammo Box 154219103 Ammo Box 154219104 Iroquois Crewman Safety Strap Used to assist helicopter crewmen from falling out of their chopper. 154219105 Kit Bag 154219106 Old US Mail Bag A lot of these bags were 'procured, borrowed, liberated or simply found' and were the perfect size to house a folded Bell Tent or similar canvas cover. Hence today you can still find an old army tent in a canvas bag. 154219107 Kit Bag 154219108 Food Container 154219109 Three Special Helmets One of these is not like the other.. can you tell which one? 154219110 Very rare helmet A basic British Helmet in Tan with a very special smaller version. These small helmets were produced during WWII in small numbers and of a much lighter guage metal.. Why? well they were given to children to promote morale and improve the war effort. 154219111 Rescue Axe These axes were used to get out of Aircraft rather than chop wood. Retrieved from a WWII Airspeed Oxford. 154560681 Rescue Axe 154560682 The Weekly News 154560683 The Weekly News 154560684 SRD Stoneware The famous SRD Stone Jug. Many variations of the SRD initials have been speculated over the years, the most likely being Service Ration Depot or Service Rum Depot. The soldiers had their own take as usual. Seldom Reaches Destination was an apt name due to the sought after contents. 154629166 Officers Equipment SRD Rum Jug and Original Officers Bedroll complete with WWII issue Capoc Matress, WWII issue Sleeping Bag, Pillow, blankets and personal clothing 154629167 Pilots Helmet Bag Loaded with patches including Kiwi Red 154760995 Cap Tally From the Pocket Battleship Admiral Scheer, sister ship to the famous Graf Spee. 154760996