Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to wear a uniform?

    No. Some of our members are not into uniforms at all. Some prefer to wear civilian period clothing instead.  

  2. Is there a fee to join?

    Being a member of The Garrison website is free and this keeps you up to date with what we do and allows you to take part in our Forums etc.

    To become a member of The Garrison Society does involve a small annual fee. This fee assists us with overheads such as our Public Liability Insurance etc.

  3. Do I have to have previous military experience?

    No. Whilst some of our members are ex-military, many are not. You merely have to have a genuine interest in the preservation of home front or military history, wether it is living history, archival or re-enactment any interest is welcome.

  4. Do you have a Headquarters?

    Yes we do. Phantom Camp is The Garrison Society's National Head Quarters. Located at 114 Aerodrome Road, Omaka in Marlborough.

    We are lucky to be the current custodians of the Ex RNZAF Station Omaka buildings and are restoring them to become the only working WWII Military Camp open to the public in the Southern Hemisphere.

  5. How do I make donations, or donate items?

    The best way is to contact us through our contact page and discuss things directly with our staff.

  6. What is Home Front?

    Home Front is the common term used for civilian life and activities during a conflict or war. So whilst military items are nice to collect, so is the old radio that you listened to the broadcasts on, the clothing you wore or the push bike you went to work on.

  7. What Era's do you cover.

    Our group is not era specific. We are open to enthusiasts of any era.

  8. How old do i have to be to join?

    Ideally applicants would be over 16, but special cases can be made to younger applicants with full parental permission. Make a time to talk to our Senior Staff.

  9. I don't live in Marlborough! Can i still be a member?

    Yes! We currently have members as far south as Christchurch and as far north as Auckland and are always looking to expand.

  10. Do you have a Facebook Page?

    Yes we do. Whilst the website is our main contact and info site we do have a lot of traffic on our page.!/TheGarrisonSociety

  11. Do you have a Unit in Canterbury

    Yes we do. Canterbury Barracks is now fully operational. For more information please use our contact page and we can provide you with further details.

  12. What types of vehicles do your members own?

    Our members have a number of vehicles, from WWI Motorcycles, WWII Staff car, Jeeps, Landrovers, Chev Trucks, Bedford and Morris Trucks and even a Universal Carrier (Bren Gun Carrier).

  13. Is The Garrison associated with Vaughan Jackson

    In short NO we are not. He is not, and never has been a member of The Garrison.

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