Who are we?

The Garrison is Marlborough and Canterbury's Home Front and Military Preservation Group.

We specialize in the collection, preservation and display of home front and militaria, providing educational living history displays encompasing the following areas:

Home Front, Civil Defence, Air Raid Wardens, Other uniformed services from the WWII era, Air Force, Navy, Army, Military Vehicle Collectors, Military Modelers, Merchant Marine, Period Uniforms and clothing, Communications Equipment, Historical Archives Military displays from any era and any other military related interest is always welcome.

We welcome any persons with a dedicated interest in a part of military history no matter how small. Our membership extends from Vehicle Collectors, Uniform Collectors, Comms Enthusiasts, Diorama and Set Makers through to Model Makers, Re-enactors, Weapons Collectors and Photographers. If you have an interest please contact us and share our dream of keeping this history alive for future generations.

We cater for uniformed and non-uniformed members and also have a family membership option. Camping trips and social gatherings are a big part or our environment along with public displays, airshows and commemoration events.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning from your input.


The Garrison Team.